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Deborah began working as a television and movie extra before eventually landing guest starring roles on 7th Heaven, Days of Our Lives and Zoe... In 2001, Deborah won the role of Katie Walker from the 9th season of the Power Ranger's series Time Force. Deborah has described this opportunity as one of the most rewarding. "I've not only had the opportunity to work with an amazing cast and crew, but I got to make dreams come true with set visits from Make a Wish Foundation and the City of Hope." After her Power Ranger's series came to an end, Deborah took a break from the Industry to focus on her personal life. It was not until being asked to reunite with the cast of Time Force in Houston Texas at the Space City Comic Con, and her 2nd appearance at Yestercon in Carson city, that Deborah had a change of heart. "After all these years, the fandom's loyality has kept the power ranger franchise alive. I love each and every single one of them."



COMBO: $45


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